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  • Part no.: YHTE-Y02

    Suitable for the preliminary connection of all kinds of hard tube and cutting ferrule

    This machine with novelty and beautiful appearance, reasonable composition, advanced electrical equipment and optimal circuit, guarantee the safety, reliability

    Working speed is fast, the rate can be 1200times/h

    There are functions of manual, semi-automatic and counting. In addition to, equipped with automatic switching foot pedal

    Easy to operate, the machine suitable for the tube volume production

  • Crimp Range

    Φ6-Φ32 mm

    hydro-cylinder force

    500 KN

    Electric source

    380V 50HZ



    Pump displacement

    14.5 L/min

    system pressure

    3 Mpa

    hydraulic oil

    Summer: YB-N46/ Winter:YB-N32





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